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2nd Quarter SCC Meeting Report

April 14, 2014
The Libertarian Party of Louisiana State Central Committee held our 2nd Quarter Meeting in Monroe on April 12th. We had a fantastic turnout and the meeting was quite productive. The LPL has established itself as a grassroots bottom-up organization with emphasis on Louisiana.

Libertarian Party voter registration in the U.S. has grown 11.4% since late 2012, while registration in all other nationally-organized parties has decreased. Louisiana has been ranked the 4th fastest growing LP in the nation! We've reached 9,371 members and for the first time all 9 At-Large State Central Committee Seats are filled. Congratulations to newly appointed Finance Officer Clayton Sanford and Economic Development Officer Henry Herford. We've grown from 7 members serving at the 2012 State Convention to 26 State Central Committee Members serving today.

National LP Convention
Louisiana will have a strong presence at the 2014 National Convention in Columbus Ohio, June 26 through 29. We're proud to be sending at least 20 delegates (12 delegates/8 alternates), a substantial increase in participation compared to 2012 when only 3 delegates represented Louisiana at National.

New Affiliates
Two Caucus Elections were held in April to establish new parish affiliates. We'd like to welcome St Charles Parish Executive Committee and Parish Representative Daniel Zeringue, and Lafayette Parish Executive Committee and Parish Representative David Chance! There are currently 17 Parish Executive Committees active across Louisiana.

State Legislative Issues
We're attracting new members to the LPL by focusing on hot-button issues like Common Core, Obamacare, legalizing Marijuana, red light cameras, 2nd Amendment Rights, and food freedom, and we're getting involved in the State Legislature. An Ad Hoc Legislative Action Committee has been created to coordinate lobbying efforts to promote Libertarian principles in the State Legislature. We're following bills in the legislature and we'll be drafting our own bills in the months to come.

Recruiting State Legislative Candidates
Libertarians have launched a recruitment effort for candidates to run for State Representative in October 2015. Grassroots door to door campaigning will begin ASAP at the district level, which ranges from 12,000 to 15,000 households. The office of State Representative is considered an entry level political position, attainable at relatively low cost. The LPL will run multiple Libertarian candidates across the state with the support of the local parish affiliates. In the years to come we intend to gain multiple seats in the House, where we can effectuate a great deal of change at the state and local level.


Special appreciation goes out to our Libertarians currently running for office including Brannon McMorris for US Senate, Gary King for Congressional District 1, Randall Lord for Congressional District 4, Clay Grant for Congressional District 5, and Rufus Craig for Congressional District 6.

In order to provide for more efficiency in conducting party business a mail ballot will go out to all dues paying members to amend the special rules of the LPL. To participate in this effort, you must be a dues paying member.

Moving Forward
We are continuing the development of our infrastructure and focusing on attracting new members with hot-button issues and getting Libertarians elected to local office. Thanks to all of our members who are working so diligently to make our organization a success. We've received recognition from states like Mississippi and National, and we want to encourage everyone to keep up the great work!

What Can You Do to Help?
-  Get active in your parish by attending a local meeting! Meet your fellow Libertarians and learn what you can do to get involved.
-  Recruit new Libertarians. Get your friends and family to change their voter registration online. It’s easy to do!
-  Become a Dues Paying Member of the LPL! We attribute our success to the support of our members who take ownership of the Party and donate! We need your support in order to effectively compete as a political party. Please become a Member and make a onetime donation TODAY or join the Revolutionary $17.76 a month club.

Thank You!
Congratulations to the Libertarian Party of Louisiana for another successful quarter! Thanks to everyone for working together as we strive for Liberty and Freedom in Louisiana!!!

Town Hall and Caucus Elections!

March 21, 2014

Congratulations to the Libertarians of Lafayette Parish who met on March 11th to plan the formation of a new Parish Executive Committee! The Caucus Election has been scheduled for 7pm Tuesday, April 22nd at Alesi's Italian Restaurant, 4110 Johnston Street in Lafayette.

The Parish Executive Committee will meet once a month and work to grow LPL Membership, and recruit and support candidates to run for local office. If you're a resident of Lafayette Parish who would like to get active with the Libertarians, please join us! You must be a registered Libertarian to participate and there will be open registration at the event!

St. Charles Libertarians will also be holding a a Caucus Election on Wednesday, April 9th at 7pm at Boulevard Bistro, 1950 Ormond Blvd in Destrehan. All St Charles Libertarians are invited to join us as we establish a Parish Executive Committee that will fight at the local level to get our country back to following the Constitution!

The Terrebonne Parish Executive Committee is hosting a Houma Town Hall: "Exposing Common Core for Freedom and Liberty!" at 6:30pm on Thursday March 27th at the Ramada Inn Houma, 1400 W Tunnel Blvd. Concerned parents and citizens will organize to take a stand for putting control of education back in the hands of the parents and local school districts. Brook Falgout will speak on the impact that Common Core will have on the education of our children. Kathryn Goppelt will present "A Roadmap to Understanding Common Core." And Beryl Amedee will advise on how to effectively contact legislators.

For More information on these events please contact Executive Director Wendy Adams at 504.654.7627 or email

Legislative Session

March 13, 2014

As the 2014 Legislative Session begins, the Libertarian Party of Louisiana (LPL) is reminding all Libertarians to contact their representatives to request that they cast a vote for liberty in regard to controversial issues that have a dramatic impact on our state such as Common Core, marijuana legalization, and the use of one-time monies to balance the state budget.

The LPL recognizes the Common Core State Standards Initiative (Common Core) as a centralized take-over of our educational system, adding more bureaucracy to an already bloated system. The LPL believes that each school district should choose its own path and standards without undue interference in the classroom. It is inappropriate for the federal government to incentivize the implementation of Common Core with taxpayer-funded grants. School boards should be free to adopt or reject standards as desired.

Parents are furious about what is being forced on their children, and their voices are not being heard. The Libertarian Party is the only political party in Louisiana that is taking a stand against Common Core. Libertarians want to abolish the costly, inefficient, and unconstitutional Department of Education and bring the control of education back to parents, classroom teachers and local school districts. Libertarians in Houma have scheduled their second Town Hall this month to address this issue.

Also up for discussion is the issue of marijuana laws in Louisiana. The penalties for possession are extremely harsh and disproportionate to the crime. Medicinal marijuana should be available to all patients as prescribed by their doctors.

The Libertarian Party does not promote marijuana use; we promote personal responsibility and using common sense. Imprisoning people for possession of marijuana, when they have committed no other crime is not only unethical, but is costing the taxpayers of Louisiana a considerable amount of money. Louisiana is the prison capital of the world and cannot afford to continue this misguided big-government approach to dealing with substance abuse; the state is already burdened to the point that we have repeatedly resorted to the use of one-time monies to meet our budget.

Using one-time funds to continue our state’s spending level is simply bad fiscal policy. The state cannot afford to continue its spending trend and has to make budget cuts. The sooner the Governor and legislatures come to terms with this reality, the less painful it will be. The citizens of Louisiana want more freedom and less government intrusion on their lives as well as fiscal responsibility from our elected officials. The Libertarian Party of Louisiana encourages our state legislators to listen to their constituents and vote accordingly.

Upcoming Events

February 25, 2014
St. Charles Parish Libertarians met on February 24th for a planning meeting to establish a Parish Executive Committee. The caucus election has been scheduled for Wednesday, April 9th at 7pm at Boulevard Bistro, 1950 Ormond Blvd in Destrehan. The Parish Executive Committee will meet once a month and work to grow LPL Membership, and recruit and support candidates to run for local office. You must be a registered Libertarian to participate in the caucus election and there will be open registration at the event! Join St Charles Libertarians as we spread the message of Freedom and Liberty, and fight at the local level to get our country back to following the Constitution.

There will be an orientation and planning meeting for Lafayette Libertarians on Tuesday March 11th at Dean O's Pizza on Bertrand Drive in Lafayette. If you live in Lafayette and would like to know more about joining the Libertarians and getting active with the Party, please join us! Friends and family are welcome!

The Libertarians have fifteen established parish affiliates. To see if there is a meeting in your parish please visit our Events Page. For more information about what you can do to get involved in your parish please contact Executive Director Wendy Adams at

First Quarter SCC Meeting Report

January 11, 2014
Join the Libertarian Party of Louisiana for our First Quarter 2014 State Central Committee Meeting on January 11th in Houma.

Guest Speaker Austrian Economist and Libertarian Theorist Dr Walter Block!

The event will take place at the Ramada Inn in 1400 West Tunnel Blvd, Houma, and they have locked our rates at $75 per night for the group. If you would like to book a stay, you may contact them at (985) 879-4871. Please RSVP here and make reservations early so we can accommodate with the catering.

The time is set for a 12:30 to 1:45 luncheon with Dr Block and a 1:45pm to 5pm SCC Meeting.

Terrebonne PEC will also host a Libertarian Orientation prior to the luncheon from 11:30 to 12:30 with guests attending the luncheon.

All registered Louisiana Libertarians are invited to attend!