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Calcasieu PEC Formed

September 29, 2013

Congratulations to the newly formed Parish Executive Committee of Calcasieu! A Caucus election was held on September 29th with twenty-one registered Libertarians from Calcasieu in attendance.

Fifteen Members were elected to serve on the Committee: Dusty Barnes, Guy McLendan, Laci Buller, Alice Duplecion, Casey Robinson, Doreen Acord, Tesa Hayes, Colynn Marsch, Colleen Webre, Robert Webre, Lee Crocker, Stacy Richard, Kelley Cagle, Dawnelle Coward, and Michael Bibby. Dusty Barnes was elected as Parish Representative to serve on the State Central Committee.

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate and made the event such a success! Special thanks to those of you who have committed to serve on the Committee! The Calcasieu Parish Executive Committee (PEC) is the thirteenth local affiliate to be established in 2013 and the Calcasieu Libertarians are set to be a solid organization.

Gregory King Elected as Justice of the Peace

August 16, 2013

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana congratulates Libertarian candidate Gregory King on his election as Justice of the Peace for Lincoln Parish Ward 3!

Greg will be serving as Justice of the Peace for a 6 year term starting this August.

Q3 Executive Director Contract

July 30, 2013

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is pleased to announce that Ms Wendy Adams will be continuing in her role as our Executive Director for the third quarter of 2013. Ms Adams has been Executive Director with the LPL since September of 2012.

In the past 11 months the Party has experienced unprecedented growth and organization. Registration has increased from 5,894 to over 8,100. The current focus for 2013 has been the establishment of Parish Executive Committees (PECs) which will be the foundation of the LPL. The PECs will work to increase membership, recruit and support candidates for local office, form campus organizations, and spread the message of Liberty. The LPL is positioning itself for an exciting election year in 2014. Let's make Louisiana Libertarian Territory!

New Website

July 10, 2013

We will be migrating to our new website over the next few days. The new site will be more streamlined, easier to navigate, and will contribute to our new branding initiative.

During this transition, some information may be unavailable as we update our files. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Avoyelles Arts & Music Fest

July 4, 2013
The Libertarian Party of Louisiana hosted a booth at the Avoyelles Arts & Music Fest in Marksville on July 4th. We would like to thank all the volunteers that came out to work the event and provided supplies. The event was a great success and we had a wonderful time spreading the message of Liberty to people in Central Louisiana.

While we had previously met our goal of 8000 members by July 4th a week prior to the event, we still worked hard to increase our numbers even further. As a result, many people changed their voter registration at the festival and many more were interested in learning about the Libertarian Party's ideals and goals.

We invite you to join us TODAY! You can change your voter registration to Libertarian online at Please support the organization that is working towards "More Freedom. Less Government!"