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Libertarian candidates pledge to contain and reduce government authority

October 20, 2016

Scores of Libertarians running for federal, state, and local office have pledged to contain and reduce government in several areas. More American jobs, far greater access to health care, and lower taxes are among the many benefits that will result.

Specifically, Libertarian candidates have pledged to sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation that will:

impose term limits on elected federal and state politicians;

end state mandates on local jurisdictions;

nullify and void state and federal regulations that were decreed by unelected bureaucrats, rather than voted on by elected representatives;

expand health freedom at both the state and federal level to make it vastly more affordable, safe, and effective;

end state government licensing; and

vote against expansions of government — at any level: federalstate, or local.

"A lot of Democratic and Republican politicians talk a good game when it comes to getting government down to size," said Nicholas Sarwark, Chair of the Libertarian National Committee. "But almost never do they make bold, specific pledges like these, because they're fueled by special interests who aim to expand government. So their campaign promises are either vague and vacuous, or they threaten more government."

Click on the embedded links, above, to see the list of Libertarian candidates who have made each pledge, and the benefits and reasoning behind each measure.

Click on federalstate, or local to see the full list of 2016 Libertarian candidate pledges for each level of government.


Libertarians grow by 1,000 voters in Louisiana as election approaches; Orleans chapter prepares for red-light camera fight

October 18, 2016

More than 1,000 voters in Louisiana registered their disgust with two historically unpopular candidates for President over the last month by registering for the Libertarian Party, at a time when New Orleans activists are preparing to ramp up their fight against a proposed proliferation of red-light cameras.

The Libertarian Party had 13,868 voters registered across Louisiana as of Monday, Oct. 17 — an increase of more than 1,000 people since a month ago, said Wendy Adams, executive director of the New Orleans chapter of the party. Likewise, in New Orleans alone, 1,591 voters are registered as Libertarian, up by 100 people since September, she said.

Read More at MidCityMessenger.Com.

Libertarian candidates pledge to localize education

October 13, 2016

More than 118 Libertarians running for federal and state office have pledged to work to stop heavy-handed meddling by state and federal governments in local schools.

Specifically, Libertarian federal candidates pledged to sponsor and work diligently to pass legislation to quickly end all federal mandates on state and local schools. This means ending Common Core, and all other Department of Education (D.O.E.) programs, and closing the D.O.E.  It also calls for cutting taxes by the amount saved, so that the savings go exclusively to taxpayers, many of whom are parents and grandparents who can use that money to pay for private schooling.

State candidates similarly pledged to work to remove state regulations on local schools and to cut state taxes. Their pledge also aims to reject federal mandates on schools and to deregulate private and home schooling.

"The centrally planned economy of China created widespread poverty and suffering in my home country," said Lily Tang Williams, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate in Colorado and immigrant from China, now an American citizen. "Central planning of education doesn't work either, and has produced dismal results both in China and in the U.S.  Too many American kids can't read, can't do basic math, and are poorly prepared for life and for making a decent living.

"We must return control of schools to local parents, teachers, and communities who know and love our kids the best," she continued. "Without centrally planned state and federal government interference, we can provide quality, state-of-the-market education for kids at a fraction of today's cost."

"Republican politicians talk about getting rid of the D.O.E, but nothing ever changes—even when they hold the executive branch and both legislative branches," said Arvin Vohra, vice chair of the Libertarian National Committee. "Libertarians are committed to specific actions they will take if elected. Those actions will return complete control of schools to families and communities. Homeowners will see much lower property taxes, and kids will get a top-notch education that paves the way for a more satisfying, self-sustaining future."

Click here to see the list of Libertarian federal candidates and here to see the list of Libertarian state candidates who have pledged to localize education.


Libertarian Chair Invites Outraged Trump Loyalists to Split Their Tickets

October 12, 2016

Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark issued this statement to Trump loyalists unhappy with the GOP:

“In a recent tweet, Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson noted that she was getting a ‘mass volume of texts from people all over the country who will #VoteTrump but [down]ballot not so much.’

“The Libertarian Party would love to remind you, if you are considering this route, that we have nearly 600 down ballot candidates running nationwide who would love your support.

“Of course, we would love your support for our presidential candidates as well. We encourage you to take a look at the qualifications of Governors Johnson and Weld. But if you are firmly decided on your presidential vote, we understand.  Your down ballot votes have a home with us that you can feel great about.

“Here’s a handy interactive map so you can check out Libertarians on your ballot. 

“The Libertarian Party is the party of principle. We believe in minimum government and maximum freedom. We currently have 146 Libertarians holding elected office nationwide. Help us elect more this November.”


Rapides Parish to Host October SCC Meeting

October 3, 2016
The Libertarian Party of Rapides Parish will be hosting the October 10th, 2016 State Central Committee meeting at the Holiday Inn in downtown Alexandria (701 4th St, Alexandria, Louisiana 71301).  

The meeting will begin at 12:30 and is scheduled to conclude by 5pm.  All members of the public are welcome to attend.

We will hold a sign waving before the meeting for the Libertarian Party and its candidates.