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LP of Jefferson Parish Affirms Gun Rights

August 18, 2016
Last night, the Libertarian Party of Jefferson Parish passed the following motion, reaffirming the Libertarian Party's strong stance for the right to bear arms free of government intrusion:

"WHEREAS, Libertarians affirm that self-defense is an inherent human right;
WHEREAS, the Platform of the National Libertarian Party opposes all laws at any level of government restricting, registering, or monitoring the ownership, manufacture, or transfer of firearms or ammunition;
WHEREAS, the Platforms of the National Libertarian Party affirms the right of due process and denies the legitimacy of “victimless crimes”;
WHEREAS, the government has steadily encroached upon these rights by illegitimately regulating and restricting access to firearms and ammunition and may further seek to deprive people who have been convicted of no crime of their inherent right to full self-defense by denying their civil and inherent rights to obtain firearms and ammunition;
BE IT RESOLVED that the Libertarian Party of Jefferson Parish opposes any policy which would deny access to any firearms or ammunition to any person simply for being placed on any government watch or no-fly list and reaffirms its call to repeal and oppose any existing or proposed firearm and ammunition regulations."

Libertarian Party Chair Rebukes Obama Administration, DEA

August 11, 2016

Alexandria - Libertarian National Committee Chair Nicholas Sarwark today rebuked the Obama Administration and the DEA for the decision not to reclassify marijuana as a schedule 2 substance in spite of overwhelming pressure and widespread requests to do so. Sarwark has issued this statement:

"The American people overwhelmingly support a reclassification of this substance that is actually proven effective in combating multiple medical disorders as well as being safer than alcohol, tobacco, and most prescription painkillers. 

"DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg is blaming science when he is the one hamstringing the scientific process with a nonsensical classification.

"Look, when even the American Academy of Pediatrics is asking the DEA to reconsider this classification and they STILL continue to stonewall, this is clearly not government of the people, by the people and for the people. This is just another example of unelected bureaucrats acting well outside the will of the American people and the two old political parties allowing it to happen.

"Only the Libertarian Party will stand up for making our communities safer by both ensuring that children don't have access to marijuana, and that patients do have access to a safe and effective medicine. And, once we fix our broken policy regarding marijuana, our law enforcement resources can be redirected to real crimes."

The Libertarian Party holds that individuals own their bodies and have rights over them that other individuals, groups, and governments may not violate. Individuals have the freedom and responsibility to decide what they knowingly and voluntarily consume, and what risks they accept to their own health, finances, safety, or life. The Libertarian Party has firmly stood against the war on drugs for 45 years and supports any measure, big or small, to dial it back until freedom is restored.


Orleans and Jefferson Parish Libertarians to Host Open House August 15th and 16th

August 1, 2016

If you have had enough of the failed two-party system, if you can't stand Hillary, and you don't like Trump either, if you believe in reducing the size and intrusiveness of the government by adhering to constitutional governance, then the Libertarian Party would like to welcome you!

Libertarians want More Freedom and Less Government. That means we want less taxing and wasteful spending and we firmly uphold civil liberties. We are opposed to crony corporatism. We believe the government should serve the people.

If you are in the Orleans and Jefferson parish area, please join us this month for open house. We'll provide a presentation about the Libertarian Party and what we're doing locally and across the state and nation. Meet with like minded locals and learn what you can do to get active with the Party!

Libertarian Party of Orleans Parish Open House 7pm Monday, August 15th at Lakeview Harbor, 911 Harrison Ave.

Libertarian Party of Jefferson Parish Open House 7pm Tuesday, August 16th at Italian Pie in Harahan, 5650 Jefferson Hwy.

LP to Democrats: It's Cruel to be Kind

July 29, 2016

Libertarian Party Chair Nicholas Sarwark released the following statement today:

Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Bernie Sanders, and other speakers at the Democratic National Convention are espousing the virtue of love and the need to take care of our fellow man, suggesting that this can be accomplished through government programs such as welfare and socialized medicine.

But love is not born of force. Force is cold, impersonal, and offensive. And it doesn’t work.

In fact, government programs often hurt the very people they’re intended to help.

Real love is being committed not just to an ideal, but to what works. It requires opening one’s eyes to see the results that actions produce.

Government welfare creates an unhealthy dependence which traps generations in poverty. One need only drive by a housing project to get an idea of the horrible results it produces.

Minimum wage hurts the very poor. The most desperate for jobs lose their jobs. Others are deprived of jobs that otherwise would have been created and that would have released them from the cycle of poverty which haunts their souls.

Minimum wage forces small-business owners to work long, low-wage hours, and some make no money at all, or lose money, while putting their life savings at risk.

Minimum wage hurts customers. The people who shop at Walmart earn, on average, about the same wage as the people who work there. A forced pay hike for low-income Walmart workers is a forced pay cut for low-income Walmart customers.

Well intended actions that ignore results are not love, but dogma. Ignoring their devastating effects is cruel and inhumane.

The Libertarian solution is born both of a deep desire to see that all of mankind has opportunity, prosperity, and good health, and of a commitment to understanding and responding to what works and what doesn’t work.

To empower people to rise from poverty, we must remove government regulations and high taxes that hamper small businesses—and their ability to create jobs. We must remove regulations that drive up prices and lower everyone’s standard of living.

We must stop handing out privileged and unaffordable pensions and perks to government workers on the backs of private-sector workers who will see a fraction of those benefits.

We must stop dishing out lucrative bailouts, handouts, and contracts to crony capitalists on the backs of hard-working, private-sector taxpayers.

We must end the War on Drugs to bring down high crimes rates that plague poor neighborhoods.

We must repeal minimum-wage laws that prevent lowest-skilled workers from grabbing a rung on the economic ladder toward self-sufficiency and dignity.

A true commitment to those in need requires us to be vigorous about ending programs which do them harm. That is why Libertarians advocate policies that promote freedom, opportunity, prosperity, well-being, and peace.

Libertarianism is love.


Another sitting senator changes parties, endorses Johnson

July 28, 2016

(Salt Lake City) Utah State Senator Mark Madsen has announced his switch to the Libertarian Party and his endorsement of Gary Johnson for president.

Sen. Madsen held a press conference at 1:30 Monday afternoon in Salt Lake City, stating, "Today I announce that I am joining the Libertarian party and will support the Libertarian presidential ticket of Governor's Gary Johnson and Bill Weld."

Madsen detailed his reasons in his remarks:

"Both parties use the government to pick winners and losers, in business, in healthcare, in the environment, in education, in every aspect of life. Both parties expand existing programs, create new programs and expand programs set to sunset even if the purpose is no longer needed. Differences among us are accentuated, and our core rights, enshrined in our constitution, rather than being upheld as inviolate, are too often seen as impediments to the expansion of the state."

Senator Madsen was joined by Nebraska State Senator Laura Ebke and Libertarian National Committee Chair, Nicholas Sarwark.

Senator Mark Madsen is now one of several elected officials to register Libertarian and/or endorse the ticket including:

Max Abramson - State Representative (NH)
Tom Campbell - Representative (CA)
Laura Ebke - State Senator (NE)
Dawson Hodgson - State Senator (RI)
Danny Jones - Mayor (Charleston, WV)
Jeff Kraus - Mayor (Bozeman, MT)
Nicholas Schwaderer - State Representative (MT)
Lisa Torraco - State Senator (NM)
Jesse Ventura - Governor (MN)
Daniel Zolnikov - State Representative (MT)


Senator Madsen is a sitting two term state senator and former city council member from Eagle Mountain. His legislative record bears out his dedication to individual liberty. He has observed that the interests of bureaucratic agencies and the people rarely align. He believes in choice in health care and education. He is a champion of free trade and free market solutions.


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