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New Orleans LP has mixed support for moves on UberX

February 11, 2015
Orleans Parish Chairman Michael Dodd released the following statement regarding Councilwoman Guidry’s moves on UberX:

While we agree with and appreciate Councilwoman Susan Guidry’s proposed move to allow the Uber ride sharing company to expand operations to include UberX in New Orleans, we cannot support the onerous requirements that the city would like to impose on the enterprise. Requiring a $100,000 start up fee along with prohibiting operations around Louis Armstrong airport and area hotels, as well as asset seizures for rule infractions amounts to simple protectionism for the Taxicab Bureau and as such the Orleans Parish Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party would like to encourage the Council to remove these restrictions and help make the transportation market as free as possible.

The Libertarian Party supports Uber drivers along with all the other businesses which seek to peacefully take part in voluntary trade with the public. While there are risks to engaging with any business from taxis to tailors and everyone in between, we believe that informed customers are in the best position to make decisions regarding these risks. We support Councilwoman Guidry on moving forward, understand her reticence and care in dealing with this issue, and welcome all progress towards free market solutions to our transportation needs.

Competition amongst service providers should improve conditions and increase choices for consumers and help keep our local economy strong.

New Orleans Libertarians Not Pleased With Smoking Ban

January 26, 2015
In light of recent events, the Orleans Parish affiliate of Libertarian Party of Louisiana would like to express our disappointment with the recent New Orleans city council vote to pass a strict and sweeping smoking ban in private businesses. As advocates of personal and economic liberty, we believe that business should be free to offer their services to the public under whatever circumstance most suits their values and those that they deem most conducive to the success or failure of their particular enterprise. This new set of ordinances will increase bureaucracy and expenses for a government that is already strapped for cash, as in all likelihood, any supposed fines will most likely not cover the expense of hiring and training monitors to enforce the ban.

This infringement on the liberty of business owners and patrons alike is a violation of the spirit of personal choice. There were well over 100 non-smoking entertainment venues prior to passing this ban where those that choose not to be around smoke could vote with their dollars. The city government has now decided that they know better than the private citizen how to live their lives and what decisions they should make pertaining to their personal health. Rest assured that further infringements on your freedom to choose will be forthcoming as long as people continue to ignore these little bites of “progress” in the name of The Greater Good.

St Landry Caucus January 7th

December 6, 2014
On December 2nd, St Landry Libertarians met for a planning meeting to establish a Parish Executive Committee. The St Landry Parish Executive Committee will meet once a month and work to grow voter registration, recruit and support candidates for local office, and focus on local and state government. The caucus date was set for January 7th.

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana will host the St Landry Parish Caucus Election on Wednesday, January 7, 2014 at 7pm at the Palace Cafe 135 W St Landry in Opelousas. St Landry Libertarians will elect up to 18 Committee Members and 1 Parish Representative to serve on the State Central Committee. You must be a registered Libertarian to vote in the election and we will provide open registration at the event.

For more information please email Executive Director Wendy Adams at or call 504.654.7627.

1st Quarter 2015 State Central Committee Meeting January 10th

December 2, 2014
The Libertarian Party of Louisiana will hold our 1st Quarter State Central Committee Meeting on Saturday, January 10, 2014. The meeting will be held in the private banquet room of at La Carreta of Downtown Ponchatoula, 147 NW. Railroad Avenue, Ponchatoula, LA 70454. Lunch is scheduled for 12 noon and the meeting will began promptly at 1:15pm. Please arrive on time to be seated for lunch. Thanks to the Libertarian Party of Tangipahoa for hosting this event.

1st Quarter 2015 State Central Committee Meeting
12pm to 6pm, Saturday, January 10th
La Carreta of Downtown Ponchatoula
147 NW. Railroad Avenue, Ponchatoula, LA

For more information please contact Executive Director Wendy Adams at 504.654.7627 or email

Nov 4th Election Results

November 6, 2014
The 2014 Louisiana Fall elections have been an exciting time for the Libertarian Party of Louisiana! Congratulations to our newly elected Libertarians! William McBride of St Landry Parish is the new Council Member in District 3, Town of Washington! Henry Herford of Franklin is elected Constable for Justice of the Peace in District 1 and Justin Bonnette is Justice of the Peace Ward 6 in Vernon Parish! Chad Perry has made the run off in his race in Calcasieu Justice of the Peace Ward 7!

Randall Lord from Louisiana Congressional District 4 received the top voter percentage in the nation for federal elections with 26.56% (55,224 votes.) 

In Louisiana we had a record number of candidates on the ballot this election and now there will be a record number of 5, potentially 6, Libertarians in office on January 1st! As of today we are officially at 10,517 registered Libertarians and we're growing stronger every day! Thanks to all of our Libertarian candidates and volunteers and supporters for working to make a difference in Louisiana and for being a part of the Libertarian Party of Louisiana!!! 

Federal Candidates Results:
U.S.Senate- Brannon McMorris (L) 0.89% 13024 Votes
Congress Dist 1- Jeffry Sanford (L) 3.57% 8688 Votes
Congress Dist 2- Samuel Davenport (L) 6.88% 15227 Votes
Congress Dist 4- Randall Lord (L) 26.56% 55224 Votes
Congress Dist 5- Charles Saucier (L) 0.92% 2200 Votes
Congress Dist 6- Rufus Holt Craig, Jr. (L) 1.38% 3560 Votes

Local Candidates Results:
Judge 1st Parish Court Div B Jefferson- Troy Broussard (L) 14.99% 10221 Votes
School Board Dist 6A Ascension- Denise Landry Bruno (L) 25.12% 1561 Votes
School Board Dist 7 Jefferson- Jo Ann Scott (L) 11.91% 1758 Votes
Washington City Council Dist 3 St Landry- William McBride (L)58.70% 81 Votes
Youngsville City Council Div B Lafayette- Matt Thomassee (L)14.80% 521 Votes
Youngsville City Council Div A Lafayette- Ryan Shinkle (L) 5.51% 196 Votes
Constable JoP Dist 4 Lafourche- Martin D. Wade (L) 35.15% 1982 Votes
Constable JoP Ward B, St Bernard- Justin L. Licciardi (L) 18.52% 110 Votes
Justice of the Peace Ward 6 Plaquemines- Michael J. Vogt (L)16.97% 727 Votes
Justice of the Peace Ward 7 Calcasieu- Chad Ivery Perry (L) 33.90% 523 Votes