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Libertarians Storm Louisiana Ballots!

August 26, 2014
Last week Louisiana candidates registered for fall 2014 elections and we are pleased to announce that Libertarians qualified to run for office across the state in record-breaking numbers! There were six federal candidates and thirteen local candidates, a total of nineteen Libertarians. The Libertarian Party of Louisiana would like to congratulate the Libertarians who qualified to run on the November 4, 2014, ballots! 
Libertarian Local Candidates:
  • Troy G. Broussard for Judge of 1st Parish Court Division B in Jefferson Parish
  • Chad Bourgeois for School Board District 6B in Ascension Parish 
  • Denise Landry Bruno for School Board District 6A in Ascension Parish
  • Chad Bourgeois for School Board District 6B in Ascension Parish
  • Jo Ann Scott for School Board District 7 in Jefferson Parish
  • Chad Ivery Perry for Justice of the Peace Ward 7 in Calcasieu Parish
  • Michael J. Vogt for Justice of the Peace Ward 6 in Plaquemines Parish
  • Justin Bonnette for Justice of the Peace Ward 6 in Vernon Parish
  • Henry Herford for Constable of District 1 in Franklin Parish
  • Martin Wade for Constable of District 4 in Lafourche Parish
  • Justin L. Licciardi for Constable Ward B in St Bernard Parish
  • Ryan Shinkle for Youngsville City Council Division A in Lafayette Parish
  • Matthew Thomassee for Youngsville City Council Div. B in Lafayette Parish
  • William McBride for Washington City Council District 3 in St Landry Parish
Congratulations to Henry Herford of Franklin, who ran unopposed and is considered elected as Constable for Justice of the Peace in District1! Likewise, Justin Bonnette was unopposed and is considered elected for Justice of the Peace Ward 6 in Vernon Parish.

Thanks to all of our Candidates for stepping up to run for office! Thanks to all of our members who are working so hard to spread the message of Liberty and Freedom! We're working to move public policy in a libertarian direction by building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office. Louisiana will soon be Libertarian Territory! For more information please contact Executive Director Wendy Adams at or call 504-654-7627.

St Bernard Caucus Election

August 21, 2014
The Libertarian Party of Louisiana hosted a planning meeting to form a Parish Executive Committee on August 21st. We had a strong turnout with welcoming support from Committee Officers from nearby parishes, and our guest Speaker Congressional Candidate Jeffry Sanford from District 1 provided a compelling presentation! Thanks to everyone who participated!

We have scheduled a Caucus Election for 6:30pm on Thursday, September 25th at Rocky and Carlo Restaurant at 613 W St Bernard Hwy in Chalmette! St Bernard Libertarians will elect 14 Committee Members and 1 Parish Representative to serve on the State Central Committee. The committee will meet once a month and work to grow voter registration, recruit and support candidates for local office, and focus on local and state government. You must be a registered Libertarian to vote in the election and we will provide open registration at the event.

For more information please email Executive Director Wendy Adams at or call 504.654.7627.

St Bernard Planning Meeting!

August 1, 2014
The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is the 3rd largest and fastest growing political party in Louisiana and across the nation.  While the Democrats and Republicans are losing their membership, the Libertarian party is GROWING.  In Louisiana we are approaching 10,000 members! We are working to reduce the size and intrusiveness of the government, protect our Freedom and Liberty, and get us back to following the Constitution!

On August 21st the Libertarian Party of Louisiana will host a planning meeting to establish a Parish Executive Committee for St Bernard Parish.  The committee will meet one a month and work to grow voter registration, recruit and support candidates for local office, and focus on local and state government.

If you live in St Bernard Parish and have had it with the failed two-party system, get involved in making a difference! Please join us on Thursday night, August 21st from 6:30 to 8:30pm at Rocky and Carlo's Restaurant at 613 W St Bernard Hwy in Chalmette.  We will provide an orientation about the Libertarian Party and what we are doing across the state. Friends and Family are welcome!  For more information please call Wendy Adams at 504.654.7627. 

Libertarian Success

July 6, 2014
National Success!
The Libertarian National Convention met June 26th - 29th in Columbus, Ohio and the Libertarian Party of Louisiana would like to Congratulate our largest and most successful slate of delegates in Louisiana history! Thanks to Delegation Chairman Daniel Hayes, Guy McLendon, Howard Kearney, Susan Thompson, Keith Thompson, Beth Vest, Nick Accardo, Michael Dodd, Richard Fast, Sarah Stewart, Rufus Craig, and Randall Lord.  And a special thanks to Angela Gross for representing the National Organization of Libertarian Women founded right here in Louisiana last year!

Also a first for Louisiana, Members will be serving on the Libertarian National Committee! Guy McLendon was elected At-Large and Daniel Hayes was elected a Region 7 Alternate. Beth Vest was also elected Vice Chair of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance!  We are so proud of you all!

Legislative Success!
This past Legislative session, Libertarians lobbied at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge and our presence was made known on issues important to the people of Louisiana! We organized email and phone calling campaigns, and worked to promote the Libertarian position on a number of issues from Marijuana legislation to 2nd Amendment Rights.

We successfully supported a new law to reduce government regulation over the cottage food industry and we pushed education legislation that protects student data privacy, provides transparency on shared data, provides access to classroom material, and legislation that provides local control of class curriculum. We also played a key role in the grassroots effort to get Jindal to veto the Real ID Bill and remove Louisiana from Common Core and PARCC testing. Thanks to everyone who helped out!  We are making a difference!
Candidates Across Louisiana!
The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is pleased to announce our candidates for this coming fall elections.  Brannon McMorris is running for for US Senate. For the first time in Louisiana history we will have a full slate of congressional candidates: Jeffry Sanford for Congressional District 1, Samuel Davenport for Congressional District 2, David Chance for Congressional District 3, Randall Lord for Congressional District 4, Clay Grant for Congressional District 5, and Rufus Craig for Congressional District 6. Also Jennifer Werther is running for Sheriff of St Tammany Parish! 

Festivals and Fun!
Our parish affiliates across the state are having a good time hosting information and voter registration booths at farmers markets, flea markets, fairs, festivals, and gun shows! Libertarians were a big hit at the Independence Day parade in Baton Rouge. We've reached out to the LGBT Community for Pride Month and will continue the outreach! We also participated in a Common Core Rally and a Legalize Cannabis Rally at the Capitol last month! We're getting out into the community and helping to grow the LPL!

State Central Committee Meeting
The 3rd Quarter State Central Committee Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, July 12th from 1pm to 5pm at the Clarion Inn and Suites Conference Center, 501 N Hwy 190, Covington, La.  All registered Libertarians are invited to attend.

St Tammany Parish Executive Committee will also host a "Liberty Fest" the morning of the SCC meeting from 9am to 11am at the Clarion. The event will feature Liberty Speakers and Libertarian Candidates from across the state. The event is free and open to the public!

Get Involved!
- Get active in your parish by attending a local meeting! Meet fellow Libertarians and learn what you can do to get involved.
- Recruit new Libertarians. Get your friends and family to change their voter registration online. It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes!
- The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is working diligently to get our voice heard! It takes FUNDING to fight BIG GOVERNMENT. We need your help to continue our efforts. Please consider becoming a Dues Paying Member of the LPL today! You can make a one-time donation or join the $17.76 a month Revolutionary Club! You CAN make a difference in your government. Please donate today!

Thank You!
Congratulations to the Libertarian Party of Louisiana for another successful quarter! Thanks to everyone for working together as we strive for Liberty and Freedom in Louisiana!!!

Stop the Real ID in Louisiana

May 26, 2014

Libertarians, Republicans, Tea Party and ACLU Members from across Louisiana took time away from their families on Memorial Day in order to be at the Capitol. Our coalition worked in coordinated effort to inform the Senate about the dangers and implications of the Real ID, and urged Senators to vote no to HB907.

HB907 provides for the issuance of the Real ID compliant driver's license. Congress enacted the Real ID in 2005 but the Louisiana State Legislature stopped its implementation in 2008.

Not only does the Real ID system violate our 4th Amendment Rights by placing personal information into a federal database, the federal mandate to the state, in itself, is a violation of the 10th Amendment.

Americans fought and died for these rights.

At a time when trust in government is at an all time low, Louisianians oppose another federal tracking program and further expansion of the federal government. This unfunded mandate has already cost other states millions of dollars and is riddled with privacy concerns.

Louisiana is one of 26 states that has held out against this federal data system.  There are 21 states that are in compliance, but 3 of those states are already working to back out. The parent corporation that will be managing our data is not even an American company.

Those who opt-in for a Real ID must waive all rights to privacy. All personal and sensitive data will be in one location at the hands of the federal government, facilitated by the DMV. Although there is an opt-out clause, those who do so will suffer a mark on their driver's license that reads "Not in Compliance with the Department of Homeland Security." If your teenager is going for his drivers license for the first time, he will not be able to opt out and will be placed in the federal ID system. 

HB907 passed the Senate with a number of Amendments and now sits on the Governors desk. Regardless of the amendments, the Real ID system is a federal infringement on states' rights and individual freedom. We're asking that Governor Jindal please take a stand with the citizens, veto the bill, and continue our 2008 legislative ban on the implementation of the Real ID system in Louisiana.