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Join the Libertarian Party of Louisiana TODAY! 2013 has been quite a success and we want to keep moving forward! Donating to the LPL will help us continue to fund operations to organize and grow the Party. Please help us as we work to achieve Liberty in Louisiana, for our future and our children’s future!

You can help out in three ways:

Dues Paying Member

Join the Libertarian Party of Louisiana for as little as $25 annually. You’ll receive a monthly email newsletter and a complementary ticket to our convention. Your generous donation goes towards operations for growing and organizing the LPL!

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Dues Paying Member - Monthly Pledge Program

You can also become a Dues Paying Member of the LPL by joining our Monthly Pledge Club. Monthly donations help us budget for the year. For the cost of a meal at restaurant or a night at the movies you can support LPL efforts to plan a stronger future for our organization. Each month your card or account will be automatically charged the same amount until you cancel. You’ll receive a monthly newsletter by email and a complementary ticket to our convention. Become a Revolutionary Monthly Donor for $17.76/month!

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One-Time Donation

Just looking to help out your friends at the Libertarian Party of Louisiana? Make a one-time donation in any amount today!

Donate Now!

Donate with Bitcoin

The Libertarian Party of Louisiana is pleased to accept Bitcoin donations through Bitpay. Many Libertarians have begun using Bitcoin in support of competing currencies.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is not controlled by any central authority or bank and has a built in check against inflation.

To donate using Bitcoin, you will need to have a Bitcoin wallet and currency. For help getting started with Bitcoins, visit Bitcoin's "Getting Started Guide."

Donate with Bitcoin!

Cafe Press Store

A small portion of the proceedes from our Cafe Press store go toward funding the Libertarian Party of Louisiana. If you would like to purchase official LPL gear, please visit our store at We have hats, shirts, banners, yard signs, and more!

If there is a design you would like to see, let us know!

Political contributions are NOT tax deductible.